Alpha Brain Nootropic Review Canada

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2019)

Alpha Brain Nootropic Review Canada

Can Onnit Alpha Brain Really Improve Focus And Memory

Nootropic Supplement are very in demand in this fast competitive world we live in.  Developed to boost our alpha_brain___onnit4concentration, focus, general brain wellbeing and attention span.

Natural Nootropic supplement can help you achieve a lot more in whatever you do.. Say you are a sportsman training for an important event, you could benefit from that little bit extra focus and performance power..  In the workplace, concentration to get the best out of your working day..  Decisions can become easier to make,

Smart Drugs as these supplement are often called, are fast becoming an integral part of our regime.

Alpha Brain

Onnit are one of the leaders in health and sports supplements. Alpha Brain has been developed by them to provide users with more focus, concentration and ultimately help to make them more successful in whatever they do.

Without doubt, Onnit, the makers, have researched their product thoroughly and come up with an effective, well thought out formula.  Alpha Brain is considered one of the best natural nootropic supplements on the market today.

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The Formula In Alpha Brain

There are 12 vital ingredients in the mix, nothing has been left to chance in this formula.

Per Serving:

alpha_brain___onnitAC-11   Also known as the Rainforest Super Herb.  This extract is produced from the Cats Claw plant.  This plant is mostly used by native tribal cultures because of its anti-oxidant and immunity boosting qualities.  Due to its ability to help repair the body’s DNA – can improve mental ability and prevent fogginess and that muzzy headed feeling.

Huberzia Serrata – An extract originating from the plant Northern Firmoss. A natural AchE inhibitor (Acetylcholine-Seterase, helps to break down Acetylcholine, which can decrease brain function) If more Acetylcholine is produced, the brain can perform at a greater capacity.

Alpha GPC – Taken from lecithin, Glyceryl Phosphoric Choline (GPC)  a metabolite that can be found in neuronal membranes.. If taken as a supplement, can help to improve the synthesis of acetylcholine – this has been linked with helping to increase focus, improve memory and enhance REM sleep quality.

Bacopa Monnieri – A natural herb that can be found in India.  Very often used in Ayuverdic medicine and has been proven to help improve mental function as well as help with our learning ability.  It plays an important part in improving our synaptic functions of the main source of memory in the brain – the Hippocampus.

Also Included in the mix are:

Vinpocetine – for boosting blood flow to the brain

Pterostilbene – a natural anti oxidant, helps to reduce brain fog

Phosphatidylserine (PS) – a natural lipid found in the brain cell membranes and can improve mental performance by reducing stress levels – often used by athletes to increase focus in the gy and on the track.

Oatstraw – this is a natural anti stress nutrient – helps you stay alert

How To Use Alpha Brain

Take 1-2 capsules each morning with food.. Also can be used to support enhanced dream state, to do this take 1-2 capsules 4-6 hours before going to bed.

Users who weigh in excess of 200lbs may increase the dose to 3 capsules a day.

Consumer Feedback

So far so good.. Results have been positive with many users experiencing better mental focus, concentration.  Sleep quality said to be improved.

One user who has recently suffered stress due to overseas deployment, told of experiencing an improved memory and less stress.

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Where to Buy Alpha Brain In Canada

You can buy from the official Alpha Brain Website –  there are several choices :

A bottle containing 30 capsules (15 days supply) will cost you $34.95 you can also buy 60 capsules for $59.41 or 90 capsules for $ 79.95 ( Prices are as shown on website in US $)

Cash Back Guarantees / Return Policy

The makers offer a 30 day return policy

Our Verdict

Alpha Brain seems to do exactly what it says on the tin..  It has been well thought out and has been developed to give users great results..  Many users have been happy with the results..

We still feel Mind Lab Pro or Noocube have the edge, as their formulas are more far reaching (and on a month to month basis they are cheaper too.. but Alpha Brain is certainly up there with them.

Another point to consider is the price.. at $34.95 it looks inexpensive, but remember that this is for 15 days supply only….  for just $6 more you could get a full months (30 days) supply of Mind Lab Pro….

Still One To Consider…

Why Not Give It A Try?

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