Are Nootropics Legal In Canada

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2020)

Are Nootropics Legal In Canada

Can You Buy Natural Nootropics Legally In Canada?

The definitive answer to this question is a resounding YES – natural nootropic supplements are not controlled substances in Canada.

Most do not have a Drug Identification Number (DIN), which does mean that they haven’t been evaluated by, or are under the control of Health Canada.

Therefore this is not really a factor when looking at natural nootropic supplements.

Some of the pharmaceutically created smart drugs however are a different matter.

Racetams, Noopept, Piracetams, Ritalin and imported smart drugs such as CILTep are more regulated as they can be potentially harmful (causing unpleasant side effects) when taken to excess.

Some of these products are only available with a doctors prescription.

The Rules

Natural Nootropic supplements can be bought for personal use throughout Canada generally without any restrictions.

When ordering products from overseas, the maximum that can usually be shipped through Canadian customs is usually a 3 months supply at the most.

Larger quantities are generally considered by the government to be for potential re-sale and buyers usually require an import licence before they can bring in larger quantities.

To Sum Up – Canadians can buy Nootropic supplements for personal use, but not for retail purposes.

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2020)

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