Common Nootropic Ingredients

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2019)

Common Nootropic Ingredients

Natural Is Best

There are two general kinds of nootropics, the natural type, and the man-made, synthetic or drug based kind..

Scientific backed studies have discovered that many natural nootropic compounds, are in fact just as powerful as their man made counterparts, and they have an added bonus too… they are virtually free from any side effects

But when looking for naturally formulated nootropics, what should you be looking out for? how effective are they?

Lets take a brief look at 5 of the most common and effective natural nootropic ingredients..

unknownGingko Biloba – The oldest tree variety known to man, dating back from the days of the dinosaurs…

Proven in clinical trials to help support and boost brain function, it helps to protect the brain cells from damage caused by everyday toxins, it can also help to reduce the risk of blood clots and boosts cerebral circulation

Bacopa Monnieri – poplular in traditional ayurvedic medicine, this little white bacopaflowering plant is found in India and North America…

A highly effective antioxidant it also has proven brain boosting properties, including the formation of memories and general cognitive functioning

Vinpocetine – extracted from the blue flowering periwinkle plant ( Vinca) clinically recognised for its ability to support blood flow to the brain, helping to vinpocetineimprove memory, focus and alertness…

Vinpocertine is also used to help slow the onset of certain brain illnesses such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Lions Mane Mushroom – Found in North America, this amazing looking lions-mane-mushroommushroom features very highly in Chinese and other traditional medicines. its known to regulate blood lipids and glucose levels…

Lions Mane is also proven to help support and increase nerve growth factor secretions – essential for the maintenance and production of neurons in the brain

Vitamin B6 – found in many food stuffs, especially vegetables, nuts and some b6-foodsfruits… it works very closely with vitamin B12 to help boost productivity and energy levels..

It also helps to enhance sleep, reduce depression and improve general cognitive function…..

Just one thing however, when looking for a nootropic supplement, make sure you choose one that uses the P-5-P form of vitamin B6.. its by far the most effective and bioavailable..

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