Indezone Energy Review

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2019)

Indezone Energy Review

Can This Natural Nootropic Really Get You In The Zone?

First seen on Dragons Den, natural nootropic Indezone Energy is a popular product on Promising to improve brain performance “in a way that energy drinks and coffee cannot” its makers make some strong claims about how their product can enhance cognitive performance, boosting memory, focus and concentration.

lindezone nootropic packaging

The Formula In Indezone Energy

Relying on no less that 3 stimulants to energise the brain, its formula is fully disclosed:

Each serving is made up as follows:

  • L-Tyrosine 250mg – Helps to boost motivation
  • Caffeine 100mg – Recognised stimulant. boosting energy
  • L-Theanine 80mg – Another natural stimulant
  • Rhodiola Rosea 40mg – Popular in Russia – known to reduce stress
  • Vitamin B6 20mg – Essential Vitamin
  • L-5-HTP 10mg – Thought to reduce stress, improve moods and improve sleep – the effects are however unproven.

Indezone ingredient label

How To Take Indezone Energy

The suggested day serving is 1-2 capsules per day – always take with water to assist absorption.

Users Feedback

Looking at amazon, one of the main stockists, feedback is decidedly mixed.. you have the large number of the ‘paid for’ 5 star reviews so commonly found on amazon, who do have a reputation for using professional writers to prepare testimonials in return for being given the product at reduced cost or even for free. While we cannot disregard all of this feedback, it does raise some questions and doubts as to their accuracy and validity.

We prefer looking at more independent feedback from ‘’verified purchasers, these users and their reviews tend to be factual and accurate… There is a mixed bag with this feedback, some users did feel some improvements in mental energy and their concentration, on the flip side others reported that they didn’t feel any effects whatsoever.

It seems that Indezone Energy might help some users, but not all

Reported Side Effects

This product is quite high in various stimulants, if you have any intolerance to caffeine or for that matter strong coffee in general, then you could experience headaches, sleeplessness and even nausea in some cases. Some users also experienced strange bowel movements.

Where To Buy Indezone Energy In Canada

You can buy direct from the official website, and also from amazon. The official site charges CA$14.99 plus shipping for a pack contains 20 capsules. They also offer an auto ship program where you can order a regular supply to be delivered each month.

Amazon also sell a single pack for CA$14.99 , you can get free delivery on orders over CA$35.

Cash Back Guarantee?

If you buy from the official website, you will be protected by a 60 day csh back guarantee. Its not clear however, if this covers opened bottles

Our Thoughts

We have decidedly mixed feelings about Indezone Energy, the makers do (in our opinion) rely a little too much on stimulants to provide the buzz and mental boost that this product can deliver to some users. The only trouble with these stimulant based effects is that they are usually short lived and can often leave  users experiencing an unpleasant ‘crash’.

Some users found that its too strong for them, disliking the ‘wired’ effects that the caffeine and the other stimulants can provide. Other users found that its simply not strong enough, and any benefits were short-lived at best.

At CA$14.99 it appears quite inexpensive, but if you take into account that at 2 capsules a day a pack will only last you 10 days, it suddenly becomes more expensive at CA$45.00 for a months supply plus shipping.

Our general opinion is that if you want a short term boost in energy and  possibly focus, then this product could provide some benefits. If you cannot tolerate stimulants or are looking for a longer lasting overall brain boosting effects, then you would be better served checking out our list of Canadas top rated nootropics.

The products listed all offer scientifically developed formulas, have positive user rating and all offer full cash back guarantees that cover opened bottles too. This means that if after buying and  trying the products as direcetd, you fail to see any effects, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund.

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