InteliGEN Review – Is This Product Worth Your Money??

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2019)

InteliGEN Review – Is This Product Worth Your Money??

InteliGEN is a natural nootropic supplement said to increase cognitive function, improve concentration and memory.  The makers lead to us to believe this supplement will sharpen focus, increase our brain’s ability to process information, helping us to make quicker and better solutions to problems.

How Does InteliGEN Work

Like other manufacturers, the makers claim to increase blood flow to the brain which in turn will improve the neuralransmitter function. Our thought and memory processes are said to work with greater accuracy.

The makers also claim InteliGEN will improve the general health of our brain cells. By maintaining the levels of key amino acids and other essential compounds the brain needs, our brain capacity is greatly increased.

What is in InteliGEN

The key factor in any supplement to make it effective is the formula.. If you include the correct ingredients in the right amounts you should be on to a winner.  Use the wrong ones, you are producing a useless supplement that will just cause disappointment to its users.

The makers of  InteliGEN have not been very open regarding the amounts of each ingredient in their formula.

  • Bacopa Monnieri – Antioxidant that can boost memory
  • Gingko Biloba – Improves Alertness
  • Vinpocetine – Boost blood flow to the brain
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – Protects brain cells, boosts circulation and removes toxins.
  • The makers also mention amino acids and Vitamin B6

There is, however, no information on exactly how much of these are in each serving.  They also do not confirm everything that is in the mix.

How To Take InteliGEN

There are, unfortunately, no direct instructions as to how to take this supplement.  Each bottle contains 60 capsules so we assume that a daily dose of 2 capsules would be about right.

Side Effects??

The are no reports of side effects to date. Having said that, some of the ingredients have been linked to some adverse effects..  Examples –

Vinpocetine has been linked to headaches, flushes, nausea and anxiety.

Gingko Biloba can increase heart rate in some users.

Where To Buy InteliGEN In Canada

A months supply can be purchased from the official website.. Amazon used to be a stockist but it appears that the listing has been removed.

You can buy a months supply with prices starting at $49.00 plus a shipping cost of around $9.95.

If you buy one of the larger packages, you benefit from free shipping.

My Verdict

I don’t like to recommend a product that has not had its formula fully disclosed by the makers.

I personally would not want to take a product without knowing exactly what was in it. Why would anyone?? It could be harmful.

With what I do know about the formula, my opinion is that it is simply too weak to be an effective nootropic supplement.  I would suggest you look at some of the other products on the market that carry a better mix and more to the point a fully disclosed formula.

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