Performance Lab Mind Review – Where To Buy In Canada

Performance Lab® Mind Review – Where To Buy In Canada

Visitors to this website will soon find out while reading my various articles and reviews that I have a favourite nootropic supplement. 

I have been taking Mind Lab Pro® for a while now to help me retain and boost my memory, focus and concentration. 

As I have gotten that little bit older (I am 58 now), I felt that I had started to get just a little bit forgetful and found concentrating and remembering harder that I did when I was younger.

It’s an amazing nootropic stack made by nootropic specialists Opti Nutra, a company that I have come to recognise as a quality supplement manufacturer.

Mind Lab Pro is not cheap though and on more than one occasion I have struggled to come up with a viable alternative when asked by those on a more restrictive budget to recommend something that comes close to MLP.

That Has Recently Changed

The product is called Performance Lab® Mind and its made by the same people behind Mind Lab Pro.

They have recently announced a complete range of supplements under the Performance Lab® name, and Mind is one of their flagship products.

It’s simpler than MLP but nevertheless it is without any question a quality product and my review will detail what it is, who can use it and finally, just why I recommend it.

Why Take A Nootropic

performance lab mind reviews

I have spent the past 6 years studying nootropics and their benefits. I have studied the brain and have learnt more about each specific area of it and its role in our everyday lives.

I have also learnt a great deal about just how nootropic supplements work and how they can provide the following benefits:

  • Repair and boost memory and recall of facts
  • Reduce cases of brain fog
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Boost motivation and self confidence
  • Reduce the effects of stress
  • Lower the risk of depression.

Performance Lab® Mind Can Offer All The Above.

Performance Lab® is the latest range of supplements from the makers of Mind Lab Pro.

The product range includes whole food multivitamins for men and women, special supplements that help boost your sleep, sight, alongside sports supplements and weight control. 

‘Mind’ is their natural nootropic supplement, It helps increase the benefits of their whole food multi to increase every aspect of brain function. 

It works by reducing the effects of mental fatigue, increasing brain energy and boosting blood flow through the brain, feeding and nurturing the neurons, synapses and the neuroplasty required for memory, learning and general cognitive functions.

Performance Lab mind helps to boost reaction times, creativity, thought processing speed along with essential neurotransmitters. It also helps rebalance key hormones that can be depleted by stress and everyday toxins

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Whats In Performance Lab® Mind

Citicoline 250mg (Cognizin®)


Citicoline is also known as CDP-Choline (Cytidine Diphosphate Choline), it is a natural source of choline that is present in virtually every cell in the body.

When taken in supplement form it breaks down into two components – choline and cytidine.

Cytidine forms part of something called RNA (Ribonucleic acid). This is a molecule that is involved in the coding and decoding of the genes in our body.

Choline is required to synthesis ACh (acetycholine) this is a key neurotransmitter that works to help the neutrons signal between each other enabling the brain to learn, remember, and recall facts.

When Citicoline crosses the brain blood barrier it concerts into something called uridine, which then help in the synthesis of phosphatidycholine, which is responsible for the repair and regeneration of the neuron membranes. 

This ensures the brains ability for attention, memory, reaction times, learning, recall and overall cognition

The Citicoline in Cognizin® has been proven to boost ATP (adensine triphosphate) the main source of energy for the brain cells. Human based studies have also proven that Cognizin helps boost blood flow in areas of the brain that have been injured. 

Cognizin itself has been proven to boost the formation of new brain cell membrane by up to 26% and increase brain energy in healthy adults by as much as 13.6%. 

Overall results from studies into Cognizin® have confirmed its ability to help boost mental energy, attention, focus, memory and overall cognitive functions.

Phosphatidylserine 100mg (Sharp-PS® Green)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a key component (phospholipid) of each and every membrane that encases our brain cells. 

The most abundant phospholipid is called Phosphatidylcholine, this makes up the outer layer of the cellular membrane, PS on the other hand makes up the internal layer.

Both are absolutely essential to our cognitive health. PS helped to promote NGF (nerve growth factor) that is needed for neurogenesis, neutron repair and neuroplasticity. It has also bene shown to reduce and even stop the progression of age related cognitive decline

Having the correct levels of PS in your brain helps boost the fluidity of brain cell membranes which assist in the free movement of key neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and seratonin.

Taking PS in supplement form helps to boost certain functions linked to memory including consolidation, recall and learning, it can also assist with speed of thinking, decision making, problem solving, and verbal fluidity.

The Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS® Green) in Performance Lab® Mind is made from a high quality, pure form of PS taken from sunflower lecithin – (unlike so many manufacturers who use the cheaper, less effective form taken from soy).

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine 300mg (NALT)


NALT is a high bioavailable form of the key amino acid L-Tyrosine. This is used in the brain to make dopamine, one of the ‘feel good hormones’ linked with memory, focus, libido, positive moods and anti depression. It also helps to produce two neurotransmitters in norepinephrine and epinephrine (aka the fight or flight hormone). Norepinephrine is crucial to our alertness, focus, working memory and executive functions

These key neurotransmitters can be depleted by both sleep deprivation and stressful situations. NALT helps to fight the effects of stress and return these to optimum levels.

NALT also helps enhance the working memory and executive functions, (based in the prefrontal cortex) this helps with creativity, cognitive flexibility and convergent thinking (when you have to weight up several options and choose the best outcome or answer)

Its effects also extend to that or reducing the effects of stimulants (like caffeine for instance) it can also help reduce the energy sapping crash that is commonly linked to high amounts of stimulants.

The Form of L-TYrosine in Performance Lab® Mind is NALT – the most bioavailable and effective form available today.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75mg

pine bark extract

Provides a supply of proanthocyanidins that offer a whole host of benefits to the brain.

A potent antioxidant, it helps reduce and repair the damage caused by every day toxins (free radicals). This protects the neutrons and other cells from oxidative stress and damage.

It helps to boost circulation, allowing for a better flow of crucial nutrients to feed the cells, it helps to maintain health levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Another of its effects is to reduce DNA damage caused by oxidation, it has also shown benefits in reducing pro inflammatory gene expression which is something implicated in certain brain diseases such as Alzheimers.

It also has proven ability to help safeguard against strokes.

Pine Bark extract is known for its ability to help boost blood flow, increasing memory, focus and decision making. Many test subjects have also reported improved moods after supplementing with pine bark extract.

The Maritime Pine Bark Extract found in Performance Lab® Mind is the most potent form available.

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The Capsules

Another key benefit is that the capsules themselves are ‘plantcaps’. 

They do not contain any animal products (such as bovine gelatin), they are instead made from fermented tapioca which makes them suitable for all including vegans. 

Its a costlier way to make capsules, they disintegrate immediately on taking, leaving no residue in the body, allowing for faster and more effective absorption in the body.

The capsules used in this product are also infused with a prebiotic that helps support digestive processes. 

This is a key difference only found in Opti Nutra’s products, I am not aware of any other nootropic manufacturer who uses these capsules.

How To Take Performance Lab® Mind

The suggested daily serving is just 1 capsule per day

performance lab mind capsules

Reported Effects And Benefits

Since its launch, neurohackers worldwide have tried and experienced the effects of Performance Lab® Mind. Their reported benefits include:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Alertness
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Increased Memory and Clearer Thinking
  • More Clarity Of Thought
  • Improvements in Mood
  • Lower Anxiety

Is Performance Lab® Mind Good Value?

I would say so, especially if you are on a budget. 

Many people like to source separate ingredients which can prove really costly. 

The carefully developed mix of 4 key nootropic ingredients in Performance Lab® Mind tackle all aspects of cognitive health without breaking the bank.

Buying direct from the official website, a months supply of Performance Lab® Mind will cost you CA$60.00.

You can save 5% if you buy 2 boxes and save 10% when you buy 3 boxes.

Cash Back Guarantee

The makers of Performance Lab® Mind offer a 30 day cash back guarantee. Simply put, if you buy and take Performance Lab® Mind for 30 days and fail to see any benefits, you can return the empty bottles for a refund.

My Final Thoughts

I really like Performance Lab® Mind, its a top quality nootropic that is slightly more affordable than my personal favourite Mind Lab Pro. 

The makers have been really clever when formulating it, they have kept it simple, but have in these four ingredients really chosen key players in the nootropic world that offer great brain boosting results at a slightly cheaper price.

Sure it’s not quite as all encompassing as MLP but it sure works, and is one that I personally recommend to anybody who wants to give their mental ability a powerful boost while keeping one eye on their bank balance.

You Can Find Out More About Performance Lab® Mind and in fact the entire range of Performance Lab supplements at www.performance

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