Various Types Of Nootropics

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

Various Types Of Nootropics

Want that mental edge?? using a good natural nootropic can be a very powerful way of boosting your brain function…. and its not just in the workplace either, many sportsmen use them to help beat mental fatigue, and keep going when your opponent gives up…students of all ages and abilities find that nootropics can help them learn more, and recall facts and figures easier, especially when they need them at exam time.unknown-1

Even going to the gym can be a mental challenge for some…. trying to break that plateau and maximise results from your workouts? nootropics can help give you the focus to see you through and help you break down that wall…

Types Of Nootropics

While the ultimate aim of any nootropic is to maximiser your brain function, here is a brief and easy to read list of the various types that target different ares of the brain and its functions


This class targets the production of the hormone seratonin responsible for our moods and overall feelings of well being, this class of nootropic can help alleviate stress, depression and a reduced ability to concentrate


This type tackles the general metabolic function of our brain, by boosting blood flow through the brain, it maximises the levels of oxygen and glucose, nurturing the neurons, cells and overall helping to power the brains functions


These nootropics target and boost the production of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter that is responsible for longer term memory, and our brains ability to make new connections


unknownThese prescription type nootropics help improve the sensitivity of the acetylcholine receptors. boosting the transfer of thoughts between neurons, ultimately helping to boost memory, reasoning, problem solving and verbal fluency


These natural nootropics are excellent at tackling the cellular effect of everyday toxins and returning the brain cells to their peak performance, ensuring and maximising peak cognitive performance


By increasing the levels of dopamine in our body, these types of nootropics help to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.. they also help to boost motivation, self confidence and focus


Caffeine and certain types of amphetamines are used to stimulate the nervous system to give an almost instant energy and alertness boost…perfect when you need a sudden, but short lived mental boost… these types of nootropics are best used sparingly as they are more likely to cause certain side effects than most other types

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

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